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Based In Phoenix, Mason Insurance Company Provides Insurance for Landlords and Short Term Rental Properties

One of the primary challenges to being a landlord in Arizona is that lessees – both short term and long term – rarely treat the property the same way they would treat their own. Your entire investment relies on your property maintaining its value. If something happens to your property – especially outside of your control – the cost to repair it could eliminate any of the profit you’ve made, and potentially reduce your property’s value.

Landlord insurance offers protection for property owners. It is the owner alternative to renter’s insurance – guaranteeing that you have coverage in the event your renter damages the property. It can also protect you from liability, in case something on your property affects the renter. For more information about landlord insurance in Arizona, contact Mason Insurance Company, today.

Why Landlord Insurance?

Many landlords require renters to carry renter insurance. And for good reason, as renters are far more likely to damage a home than primary owners. But the problem with requiring this type of insurance as your only protection is that it does not protect you from:

  • Damage from renters and lessees that have not paid their rental insurance bills.
  • Damage from renters not covered by their policy.
  • Damage to personal property that was left at the home.
  • Liability, in the event of injury or perceived negligence.

Landlord insurance is also able to cover potential damages from vandalism, damage that occurs when the property is vacant, burglary, and so much more. It picks up where renters insurance doesn’t, and it also protects you should any damage or liabilities occur that are not covered by the renter’s policy.

Call Today for Great Rates on Landlord Insurance in Arizona

Landlord insurance covers what both homeowner’s insurance and renters’ insurance do not. Your property is your investment. As a landlord, it’s important to make sure that you have your entire investment covered from any and all unexpected scenarios. Mason Insurance Company is a local insurance broker that is able to connect you to the policies that have the best rates, the best terms, and the best coverage – always making sure that you have a landlord policy that is perfect for you. Give us a call today to start the process, or to learn more about landlord insurance.

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