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Protect Your Property with Custom Home Insurance in Arizona from Our Team at Mason Insurance

Your home needs to be protected from any disasters and damage. Your property is typically both your largest investment and most expensive financial responsibility. If something happens to your property – from fire to flood to theft – you have to make sure that you have the right homeowner’s insurance – insurance that can cover unexpected costs and help you replace or repair what was lost.

At Mason Insurance Company, we also know that your property is more than a property. It’s your home – your safe space. As a Phoenix homeowner’s insurance broker that serves all of Arizona, we make it our goal to get to know you, your financial situation, and the protection you want for your family before connecting you to the best rate from an insurance company you can trust. If you’re looking for a homeowner’s insurance broker, call our team at Mason Insurance Company today at 480-660-5855 for a quote.

Our Insurance for Arizona Residents and Property Owners

Because it is typically (although not always) included in the cost of the monthly escrow payment, many people do not realize how large an expense homeowner’s insurance can be. They may also be under-covered, with incorrectly assessed home value’s or lacking coverage for specific disasters.

At Mason Insurance, we will build you the right policy by not only understanding your needs, but also knowing the different policy options intimately, so that you have a homeowner’s insurance policy where everything you need is covered – for the best price on the market. Because we have access to so many different insurance carriers, we can find you a solution that is accurate for your life. We’ll review:

  • Cost to Rebuild Your Property – Materials costs keep increasing. We will make sure your policy will cover you, even if the cost of construction continues to go up.
  • Protection from Disasters – Are you near an area with a higher fire risk? Flooding? Crime? We’ll make sure your policy covers everything you need.
  • Home Use – If you use your home for business, or you rent out rooms, we can make sure that your policy covers those concerns and more.
  • Physical Assets – If you need any added protection for items you own, we can talk about that process and make sure you are covered.

We will also look at deductibles, any bundling options, and so much more. Because we are a full service insurance broker, we can also provide you with additional protection for your auto, work, and more – often with even lower cost options.

But, before we begin, we need to start with a conversation. Give us a call today to learn more about our different policy options, and to find you the right homeowner’s insurance for you.

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